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Being this cool...

really is possible... ;o)

I have nothing better to do right now...so why not waste my time on something that'll keep me away from real life a bit longer?

I know and have been told I can pretty much beat anyone in a verbal fight. So don't be a jackass and start shit with me. So not cool.
Physical Fights? I dunno...I've had to protect myself from a guy so yeah...I'm pretty sure I'd beat ass too.

Just, ya know...be nice. Cause I really can't stand when people are mean to others.
It's even lamer when it's online and people can't do it face to face. So be cool and we'll be fine.

Guys who hit girls make me sick.
After going through what I've been through I can say for sure I will never stay with a guy who hits a girl. (said it before but I hadn't been through it)

Do Drugs? Whatever...It's called control. When a drug controls your life that's sad sad sad sad sad sad and pathetic. And it's not cool. I hate when people think they're cool just cause they get high. Yeah...I wanna be a 40 yr old lookin like I'm 60...feelin 80 and workin for McDonalds or livin off the state. Losers. Have I done stuff...well yup, sure have. But it's just not worth it in the long run and ya really start feeling like shit in many many ways.
And Alcohol...lame.
Do it in moderation if anything.
(words of Wisdom from a Girl whose been with someone like this aka an Alcoholic/Addict).

I don't like slutty people either. Whores...people who think it's ok to sleep around. Um yuck...no wonder STD's are at an all time high. Fucking ages you too...I'm tellin ya. I think it's so nasty to see a 38 yr old woman in a bar tryin to be a whore and get a younger guy. ew ew ew. Then you realize she's not that old. haha
Loose people make me sick and that's just where I stand on the topic.
I also don't like people who're full of themselves. Cutting down others to make yourself feel better is fuckin stupid. You gotta gain confidence by cutting other people down...um yeah, sure...you're cool. *thumbs up* That's what ugly people do.

And yeah, I'm not ugly and I'm nice, so...it is possible to be that great. haha ;o)

I've noticed while skimming through alot of journals and communities that alot of people are like that...and it's mainly high school girls. No wonder kids commit suicide so much. So yeah...being nice never hurt anyone.

Am I jaded in ways?
Yeah...but I'm still totally full of emotions.


Anna is sarcastic confidence

The NoteBook

Young Allie Nelson: Now, say you're a bird.
Young Noah Calhoun: If you're a bird, I'm a bird.


Old Allie: Do you think our love could make miracles? Do you think our love could take us away together?
Old Noah: I think our love can do whatever we want it to do.

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